Not long ago on our way back from a trip, we pulled in to a service station to find it being used as an interchange for one of the large national holiday companies. There were coaches everywhere with reps trying desperately to make sure all the people and cases were in the right places to be transferred onto the right coaches for their onward journeys – utter chaos!!

So with that in mind, it got us thinking about the reasons why small is beautiful, and why you should choose a local holiday company instead of a large National one:

No feeder chaos

As a local company, we only pick up in the local area, so the coach you join at your pick up point will usually be the same one you’re on all week. No need to worry about navigating a coach interchange or worrying about whether you and your luggage will end up heading to the right destination

Same driver & courier

You’ll have the same, locally-based driver & courier throughout your holiday, so you’ll know who to look for at service stations when you come back to the coach. Most of our holidays are operated by ourselves, Nigel and Sandie, so you’ll get to know us very well if you travel regularly

We know your name

Because we have so many passengers who travel multiple times during the year, we’ll get to know you and remember your name and who you are from one trip to the next. You’re not just a number to us.

You’ll be part of the community

As well as getting to know us, you’ll also get to know other passengers who travel regularly, and we’re often complimented on how friendly and welcoming our coach tours are. Lasting friendships and even the occasional romances have begun on our coach tours!

Local knowledge

Because we’re local, we can use our knowledge of the area to navigate our pick up routes efficiently and will know alternative options to get from A to B if there are problems enroute. We’ll also be able to explain exactly where our pick up points are using local phrases and landmarks if needed

Flexibility to change plans

As a small local company, we’re our own boss, so we have the flexibility to make adjustments to your itinerary where appropriate if there are unforeseen circumstances, such as inclement weather or unexpected closures to roads or attractions. We don’t need to run it past head office, and you can trust us to make the best decision for each situation

We’ll remember your coffee order!

Ok we can’t always guarantee this, but if you travel regularly and generally have the same drink onboard the coach, we’ll often remember your order from one trip to the next. We may even remember whether or not you take sugar!!

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