If you’ve travelled onboard our coach, you’ll know that for most of our holidays we have Sandie onboard the coach, acting as courier to make sure everything works smoothly, and to share some facts and information on the places we’re visiting.

However, on some itineraries, you might find that we’re joined by a local guide for the day, to take us on a tour around the local area. So what are the benefits of using a local guide?


Nothing is better than local knowledge, and a really good guide will know the area so well that they’ll be able to give a far better tour and experience. Their in-depth knowledge means that they’ll be able to share stories and little known facts that we, who aren’t local, simply wouldn’t know.


One of the challenges of travelling in a large vehicle when you don’t know the area, is that going off the beaten track can be risky if you don’t know what to expect (or even if your vehicle can get through). Having a local guide onboard means that they should know the coach-safe routes and take us to places that we might not otherwise have visited


The best guides have an ideal mix of facts and funnies – they’re engaging and entertaining while sharing plenty of information about the places we’re visiting, so that you have a brilliant time!

Here are some of our favourite guided tours we’ve experienced over the years:


Spending a couple of hours with Ronan the Guide exploring Derry/Londonderry is hands-down the best guided tour we’ve ever done. From a drive through the Bogside to seeing how close housing estates on different sides were (complete with painted kerbstones), this tour is an excellent take on the turbulent history of Ireland with enough humour to soften the edges and make for a fantastic day out.


If you’re ever in the area, we highly recommend taking a tour around Glastonbury Abbey with one of their guides. Hugely entertaining and surprisingly modern – who knew this tour would involve talking about Marvel superheroes, Kickstarter/Crowdfunding, Gordon Ramsey and visiting Graceland? One of the best tours for making things relatable and interesting to a modern audience


Liverpool is, of course, famous for its musical connections to the Beatles, Cilla Black and many other musical greats, so it’s unsurprising that a tour of Liverpool will include locations associated with these stars. But it’s also possible to do a Musical Tour – where the tour guide brings along the music and we have a sing-along onboard the coach… it’s great fun and something completely different!


Torquay is famous for its connections with Agatha Christie – her beloved home Greenways is nearby, although sadly difficult to visit with a coach – but there are many locations in the town associated with the famous crime writer. Just recently we enjoyed a day with a local guide sharing some of Torquay’s lesser-known locations connected with Agatha Christie – including the local poison garden!

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