Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most popular Frequently Asked Questions - but if we haven't answered what you want to know, simply give us a call on 01858 469137 or email


How do I book my holiday?

You can now book your holiday online using the link on each individual holiday listing - simply follow the easy online booking process to book and pay your deposit.

Alternatively you can call us on 01858 469137, email or post a booking form to 15 Rushton Road, Wilbarston, Market Harborough LE16 8QL

How long do you hold a provisional booking for? 

We normally hold a provisional booking for 14 days to give you time to send us your completed booking form and deposit. Provisional bookings will be released automatically after this time unless you contact us to request an extension. 

There may be exceptions to the 14 day period for holidays which are in high demand, in which case we will contact you to find out if you wish to confirm or cancel your provisional booking

How much is the deposit?

If you are booking your holiday more than 8 weeks prior to departure, you can pay a deposit to confirm your spaces. The amount of deposit required varies according to the holiday price, as follows:

Holiday Price                  Deposit Required
Under £400                     £25 per person
£400 - £1000                  £50 per person
£1000+                             £150 per person
Theatre Breaks                £50 per person

Please note that there may be exceptions to this for specific holidays where special terms and conditions apply. The details will be included in any publicity for these specific holidays

When is the balance due?

Normally, the holiday balance is due 8 weeks prior to the departure date. Some exceptions may apply for specific holidays where we have different terms with our suppliers e.g. European, cruise or flight holidays.

Please note we do not typically send reminders, so make sure you make a note of when your balance is due. If balances are not received by the due date, your booking may not be confirmed with the hotel

What payment methods do you accept?

We can accept payment by online booking (credit/debit card), over the phone (credit/debit card), cheque or bank transfer.

Please note if paying for your holiday over the phone, our system requires you to enter your details by typing them in to the telephone keypad for added security

Do I have to pay a single supplement?

Single supplements are payable where charged by the hotel, and are passed on to you at cost. This may be a supplement payable on all single rooms or may apply when our initial allocation of non-supplemented rooms has been sold. Please note that a single supplement being charged does not indicate that you will be allocated anything other than a single room, unless specifically stated.

How do I request a sea view room, and is there a supplement?

Sea view rooms are subject to availability with each hotel. A supplement may be applicable if charged by the hotel, which will be passed onto you at cost.

What is the Early Bird Discount? 

Our brochure is normally launched around June each year for the following calendar year's holidays. Once our brochure is released, we offer an Early Bird Discount for a short period (normally 6-8 weeks). The amount of discount depends on the holiday price, and exclusions apply. 

The Early Bird Discount will be added automatically to applicable bookings made via our online booking system

What is the Recommend a Friend Discount? 

If you've had a great holiday with us, we'd love you to recommend us to a Friend. Simply ask them to quote your name and FRIEND20 when they book, and both you and they will receive a £20 voucher towards your next holiday with us.


Can I choose my seats on the coach?

Seats are available on a strictly first come, first served basis onboard the coach, and are allocated by our staff when your booking is processed. If you have a preference on where you would like to sit, please ensure you mark this on your booking form or add it to the special requests box during the online booking process. We will endeavour to seat you as close as possible to your original request, but this can not be guaranteed

I don't want to sit next to anyone else on the coach. 

If you would like guaranteed sole occupancy of a pair of seats on the coach, you can opt to pay our Sole Seat Supplement which is charged at £20 per day on all holidays. Please note this is subject to availability of an empty pair of seats at time of booking. Alternatively if the coach is not full you are welcome to move to a free seat when everyone is onboard, however this can not be guaranteed.

I need to sit in a specific seat on the coach

All seat allocations are subject to availability at time of booking and are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Single travellers will be allocated seats to maximise the available seating, unless you choose to pay the Sole Seat Supplement.

We will endeavour to seat you as close as possible to your original request, but this can not be guaranteed

Can I book extra legroom seats?

Onboard Serena, our own executive coach, we have 25 seats with extra legroom, available on a first come, first served basis. There is no additional charge for these but they are subject to availability.

Please note that extra legroom is only available when our own coach is operating the coach holiday, and can not be guaranteed on any third-party vehicle

Where do you offer pick up points?

Our pick up points for our general sale brochure holidays are all in the South Leicestershire and Northamptonshire area. For a full list, please view the contact us page

How long is your pick up route?

Our pick up route is a maximum of 2 - 2.5 hours around the local area due to drivers’ hours regulations and passenger comfort. We may on occasion use taxis or minibus transfers to reduce the number of pick up points and transport passengers from one pick up point to another to meet the coach.

Our pick up points are normally arranged in direction of travel, so southbound holidays will begin picking up at the northernmost pick up points, and vice versa.

Can you pick me up from home?

Unfortunately we do not offer an included door to door pick up service on our tours. We offer a Door to Tour Taxi Service on most tours which will pick you up from home and transport you to one of our final pick up points (Market Harborough or Northampton). This is charged at TAXI COST plus a £20 administration fee. Please specify on your booking form if you wish to book this service or add this to the special requests box when booking online.

Can you arrange a taxi to my nearest pick up point?

We only have contracts with a limited number of taxi companies servicing our major pick up points of Market Harborough and Northampton. We can only arrange home pick ups to one of these pick up points via our Door to Tour Taxi Service, for which the specified supplements will apply.

Can you pick me up at a location more convenient to me? 

We are receiving an increasing number of requests from people to be picked up or dropped off at locations convenient to them. Our official pick up points are clearly stated in our brochure and unfortunately we are unable to extend or alter these locations to suit individual passengers, due to drivers’ hours regulations and to ensure passenger comfort.  Alternatively you can choose to book our Door to Tour Taxi Service for home pick up and transfer to one of our final pick up points.


How do I know if a holiday is suitable for me?

We do our best to put as much information as possible in our brochure to help you make a decision – for example whether there is a lift, ground floor rooms etc. If you are not certain whether a holiday will be suitable, please feel free to call or email us and we will try to give you as much information as possible to help you make an informed decision

Please note this service is provided for information purposes only and we will not be responsible if you choose to attend a holiday which is subsequently found to be unsuitable 

I have a special diet / room / other requirements. Can I travel on your holidays?

Any special requests must be specified on your booking form at the time of booking. Most hotels are happy to cater for special dietary requirements and will do their best to meet any other requests, but please note we can not guarantee the fulfilment of any special request.

If your booking is absolutely dependent on your special request being met, please contact us prior to booking so we can find out if the hotel is able to accept you. If your special request is not specified on your booking form the hotel is under no obligation to attempt to accommodate you on arrival.

Is there a restriction on luggage size?

We ask that you bring one medium case per person, no larger than 10 x 16 x 24 inches, and weighing no more than 20kg. Any cases weighing more than this may not be handled by hotel staff for health and safety reasons.

Any bulky items such as walkers / wheelchairs / mobility scooters MUST be prebooked on our coach to ensure we have enough space. We reserve the right to refuse to transport items which have not been booked in advance.

Any bags brought inside the seating area of the coach should fit in the overhead racks or underneath your seat. This may impact the legroom you have available

Can I bring a mobility scooter / wheelchair / walker? 

Due to luggage space constraints we are only able to carry a limited number of wheelchairs and/or mobility scooters on the coach. These must be specified on your booking form under bulky luggage items. In addition, you must supply a photograph of your mobility scooter by post or email so that we can ensure it is suitable for transportation on our vehicles. We reserve the right to refuse to carry any bulky luggage items not listed on your booking form. If your circumstances change between booking your holiday and the departure date, please contact us with details as soon as possible

Can I bring my guide dog?

We are happy to transport registered guide and assistance dogs only. We may ask for a copy of their registration paperwork. 

Can your staff help with my medication / mobility / other needs?

No. Our staff are employed to oversee your holiday to ensure everything runs smoothly in a general capacity, including liasing with hotels and any attractions you may visit and assisting with any general problems that may arise. They are not permitted or trained to physically assist any passengers or to administer any medication. If you need assistance in any medical or physical capacity, we recommend you travel with someone who is able to support you.

How many steps are there to access the coach?

Our coach has six steps at the front entrance with handrails on each side to assist you in boarding. In addition, there is one small step up from the aisle to the seating


Do you offer Self Drive holidays?

We offer Self Drive options on selected Coach Holidays from our tour holiday programme. Our Self Drive pricing normally includes accommodation and meals only, and you can see which holidays are available on our Self Drive page

Can I join the coach for excursions if I have booked a Self Drive holiday?

As long as there is space available onboard the coach, you are welcome to join us for any excursions that we have available during the week. These are charged at additional cost, which will be detailled on your Self Drive paperwork you receive from us prior to departure. To book, simply speak to our driver or courier in resort. 

Can I book Self Drive online?

At the current time, our online booking doesn't offer the Self Drive option, however on the holiday listing you will find a link to fill in an enquiry form for Self Drive. Simply add your details and we'll be in touch to book you in manually.

Do you offer any Self Drive holidays to different destinations NOT as part of a Coach Party? 

Currently our Self Drive holidays are only available as an additional option to the holidays on our Coach Tour programme, however we may add additional options in future. If you are looking for a specific tour or destination, please contact us to see if we can help tailor a Self Drive itinerary for you


What holidays do you offer for groups?

We offer a variety of different itineraries and destinations for U3As, working mens clubs, veterans associations, gardening clubs, National Trust groups and many more. We can tailor one of our sample itineraries to your group's own interests or can plan something from scratch! You can find out more about our group holidays here

Where do you offer pick up points for group holidays?

We can arrange group holidays departing from towns across the UK - you don't need to be local to us! 

We are happy to pick up from your club or places convenient to your group members, provided there is access for the coach.

Do you operate group holidays with your own coach?

As we run our general sale programme with our own coach, our availability for groups is limited. However, we work with a number of trusted coach operators across the UK who we will hire to take care of your group, if our own coach is not available, and who we trust to work to the same high standards as ourselves

Can we tailor-make our own itinerary for a group holiday?

Yes of course! Just let us know what you would like to include and we'll be happy to tailor-make an itinerary and quotation just for you

Will we have to share the coach with another group or other travellers?

No - all our group quotations include sole use of the coach as standard

What information do you need to quote for our group holiday?

While we'd love to have as much information as you can give us, the key points we need to know are:

* Where you'd like to go (destination)
* When you'd like to go (month / year)
* Approximate group size
* How many single rooms you usually need
* An idea of budget
* Whether you'd like us to include any paid entrances or visits

Can you arrange group holidays without coach travel e.g. car clubs?

Yes! We can quote for many different types of group, and if you'd like to use a method of transport other than the coach, that's no problem to us. Simply let us know what you're looking for and we'll be happy to provide a tailored quotation for your group

Do you offer online booking for group holidays?

Once you've accepted the group quotation, we can set up a personalised online booking portal for your group if you wish, meaning group members will book direct with us and saving you the hassle of all that administration! 


What do I do if I have a problem while I am on holiday with you?

If you have an issue with the hotel or any aspect of your holiday, please speak to the hotel and/or our courier as soon as possible and they will do their best to resolve this issue for you. We are unable to accept complaints if we were not given the opportunity to resolve the problem at the time.

Do I need travel insurance? 

We strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance for all coach holidays including destinations in the UK. Travel Insurance will not only cover you during the holiday but also in case you need to cancel prior to departure due to illness or any other reason. Please note that our standard cancellation charges will be applied to all holiday cancellations without exception.

Who do you suggest for travel insurance? 

Unfortunately at present we are unable to sell travel insurance directly, but we can suggest a policy which specialises in coach travel, with no upper age limit, known as Coach Plus. If you are interested in this policy please contact PJ Hayman on 02392 419 855 quoting agent reference EXC2012

We encourage you to check the details of the policy to ensure it meets your needs, prior to taking out cover

What if I need to cancel?

If you need to cancel your holiday, cancellation charges will normally apply. If your departure date is more than 8 weeks away, we may be able to transfer to you another holiday of your choice, but you must cancel and transfer your holiday at the same time. If your holiday is less than 8 weeks away, there is a sliding scale of charges based on the date of cancellation - please see our booking terms for more details

We are happy to provide a cancellation invoice which will normally be required by your insurers for your claim. 

Why is the coach called Serena?

We started naming our coaches a few years ago, starting with Dennis and Dora from when we did school contracts. Dora was a bright orange Duple Dominant which had previously been used by a film crew in a fruit shoots advert! 

We then began naming our touring coaches, with Verity the Vanhool, Beatrice the Bova and Hollie the Touro (the alliteration failed for Hollie but her numberpate was HOL, so that's where she got her name). When finally we got our current Setra Coach, we decided to name her Serena, because hopefully our passengers will all enjoy a smooth and serene journey onboard! 

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