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Discover the magic of shared experiences as you embark on a holiday crafted especially to celebrate your group's collective interests on one of our unforgettable group getaways

Dive into historical wonders, savour cultural delights and relish every moment of discovery on your tailor-made group holiday 

Whether you're part of a vibrant social club, a rambling or special interest group, U3A or just people with shared interests, our tailor-made group excursions are waiting to be unveiled. We handpick your destination to suit your group's own interests, and our meticulously designed itineraries ensure that every step of the journey sparks conversation, learning, and a deep sense of camaraderie.

From comfortable accommodation to engaging activities and visits that you'll delight in, we ensure a seamless travel experience. 

Our dedicated team crafts every detail, allowing you to focus on an exciting experience, creating lasting memories with your fellow companions.

 From shared laughs over local delicacies to moments of awe at breath-taking sights, every experience becomes a chapter in the collective story of your adventure together

Ready to embark on a journey where shared moments become special memories? 

Get in touch with us, and let's create a group holiday that lets you explore, connect, and revel in the joys of your own interests

Why Choose Us:

Flexible approach:

We work in partnership with you to plan your holiday, with the flexibility to prepare individual programmes or alter our sample holiday itineraries, destinations and dates to suit your group's own requirements

Sole use of coach included as standard

Our group quotations include sole use of the coach as standard, so you won't have to share the vehicle with another group or individual travellers

Local departure points:

We will pick up your group from your club or an alternative departure point local to you, providing adequate access for the coach is available

Administration Assistance:

We can create posters for you to promote your holiday and will provide all the forms and paperwork you need to do the administration yourself, or we can manage your group members' bookings direct from our office

Free place policy:

Our group quotations normally include 1 free place with 25 paying passengers (26th place free) and 2 free places with 40 paying passengers (26th and 42nd place free). This can be adjusted if you wish - just let us know when we are preparing your quotation

24 hour emergency number:

We'll provide you with a 24 hour emergency mobile number, just in case you need to contact us outside of our normal office hours

Find out more about our group holidays:

Book now: call 01858 469137 or email