It’s always nice to receive positive feedback from our passengers, but this is the first time we’ve been given poetic praise!

Alistair, one of our regular travellers, had such a good time on our Southport holiday in March that he sent us his “Ode to our favourite travel company”:

We’ve had a wonderful holiday
With a travel firm called “Exclusive”
We can highly recommend them
For when you make your booking
Almost everything’s inclusive

The driver & the courier are
Always glad to see you
when they come to pick you up
And if you ask them any questions
They never interrupt

They keep their passengers happy
with their banter and their smiles
For they’re up and down the country
Travelling lots & Lots of miles

They’re always very helpful
In everything they do
They bring so much satisfaction
To us and all of you

So when you go with “Exclusive”
It’s satisfaction guaranteed
Ask any one of the passengers
and everyone agreed

I speak for all the passengers
And I know they feel the same
So in case you have forgotten
EXCLUSIVE is the name

It’s great to hear everyone had a good time!


Exclusive Holidays offers Market Harborough Coach Holidays and Kettering Coach Holidays. Pick up points throughout our local area for South Leicestershire Coach Holidays & Northamptonshire Coach Holidays. Coach Holidays depart from Kettering, Northampton, Wellingborough, Rushden, Market Harborough, Desborough, Rothwell and Lutterworth.