We have put some safety measures in place already and are continuing to follow Government advice regarding the steps we need to take. At present, the following measures will apply, but please note that the advice is changing on a regular basis and may be different at the time of your holiday. We will issue you with our updated policy with your final pick up details.


  • The maximum capacity of our coach will be reduced and seats will remain empty to allow for social distancing where required e.g. single bookings will be allocated with the adjoining seat remaining empty.
  • Your existing seat allocation may need to be changed in order to adhere to this spacing – this will be dependent on the prevailing advice at the time of your holiday so your final seat allocation will be provided along with your pick up times. We will endeavour to keep you as close as possible to your original seating request
  • We ask that you keep to your designated seat for the duration of your holiday


  • Your temperature may be taken at the departure point. Anyone with a raised temperature will not be permitted to travel
  • Hand sanitiser must be used when entering the vehicle – if you are wearing gloves you will be asked to remove them and sanitise your hands, as gloves are more likely to spread infection
  • Please ensure that you leave space between yourself and other passengers when boarding and disembarking the vehicle. We ask that you do not congregate in the aisle and remain in your seat until the exit is clear, unless an emergency evacuation is in progress.


  • Passengers will be required to supply and wear their own face coverings while onboard the coach. If you are unable to wear a mask for a medical reason, we ask that you advise us on booking so that we can make sure adequate empty seats can be left around you to ensure all passengers are seated safely.
  • Anyone who arrives at their departure point without a mask who has NOT notified us in advance will not be permitted to travel


  • All touch points (e.g. hand rails) will be regularly sanitised and the coach will undergo an enhanced cleaning routine before, during and after each tour.
  • The coach will be disinfected via use of a disinfectant fogging machine every evening while on tour. Anything left onboard will be treated, therefore we accept no liability for any damage or staining to anything left onboard the coach.
  • We are unable to clean the coach toilet between individual uses while in transit. As such, we ask that it is only used in an absolute emergency.


  • Anything placed into the overhead luggage racks is likely to come into contact with other people’s possessions. Therefore we ask that, where possible, you restrict your in-coach luggage to one bag which will fit underneath your seat and do not place anything on seats which are left empty due to social distancing.


  • Each hotel will have their own policy regarding the safety measures they have put in place, which may include a different way to check-in, changes to restaurant access/meal times, extended meal times and social distancing policy in public areas. Please pay attention and abide by their guidelines
  • Ensure that you regularly wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds throughout your stay


  • Where possible we will endeavour to operate our holiday excursions as advertised, however please be aware that some changes may need to be made due to individual venues limiting capacity or changing access/availability to some or all parts of their property.


  • Please be patient with our staff and other passengers. These measures are in place for the safety of everyone during your holiday


If you feel unwell, have any symptoms of Covid-19 or have been contacted by the Track and Trace System, please obey the Government guidelines on self-isolating and do not attempt to travel on your holiday.

If you begin to feel unwell AT ANY POINT during your holiday, you must notify us and the hotel staff IMMEDIATELY and obey all instructions given in accordance with Government advice.

Our normal terms & conditions will apply and we will not be liable for any additional cost, losses or cancellation fees incurred by you under these circumstances.


Thank you for your understanding of the measures we have had to put in place for your safety and our own. We look forward to welcoming you onboard our coach once again and hope you will have an enjoyable holiday with us.